FTT:ATR Champions Training in Schools - Headteacher's Launch

We are delighted to invite Headteachers of schools in Wiltshire to join us for this online briefing session which gives details about the Schools Five to Thrive: Attachment, Trauma and Resilience (FTT:ATR)+ Schools learning journey (CPD) that is available to all schools in Wiltshire. This reflective learning opportunity builds upon the success of the 500+ champions from a range of services across Wiltshire who have already accessed this learning over the past 2 and a half years, BUT further enhances this offer in schools by incorporating Emotion Coaching also.

Although we will be inviting 2-4 members from each school to sign up to this learning journey (at least one member of SLT), this registration form is ONLY for Headteachers to join us for a short briefing to share the details of the training, after which we will share registration forms for school staff to register. We would strongly encourage all headteachers to attend so they understand the training and time commitment however if you are unable, the link to book onto a cohort will be shared to all schools afterwards.

Strand 1. The Headteachers Briefing: A LIVE VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE BRIEFING SESSION - Thursday 5th May 8.30-10.30
'Five to Thrive: Attachment, trauma-informed practice and resilience in schools - a learning journey for schools in Wiltshire'

This short briefing session will describe the FTT: ATR+ schools learning journey / CPD offer in Wiltshire, and place the knowledge base in the context of schools and their wider community. Opportunities will be provided for reflective discussion around why this knowledge base matters and why this makes a difference to everyone. The learning journey will be shared and explained, with details provided as to how the individual aspects of the learning can be experienced and slotted into practice. Wiltshire case studies illustrating the impact of this transformational knowledge base will be shared, and opportunities for Q & A provided.

If you would like to attend this briefing session or access a recording , please register by selecting the orange 'Start registration' button below:

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  • 'The Headteacher's Launch - Five to Thrive: Attachment, trauma-informed practice and resilience in schools - a learning journey for schools in Wiltshire' - Available on demand since 5 May 2022 (pre-recorded video)

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