Mending Hurts: Equipping your school to meet the needs of vulnerable and traumatised children and young people

The DfE has issued new guidance (Feb 2018) which has statutory force and changes the role and responsibilities of designated teachers in schools. This specifically mandates role-relevant training, and requires the designated person to "understand the impact [of] trauma, attachment disorder and other mental health issues".

These seminars will allow designated teachers, SENCOs and pastoral leads to develop their knowledge and practice, and ensure that they and their school are fully equipped to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

Each day of training consists of two half-day seminars, with participants able to attend either or both. As part of our connected learning approach all participants receive access to KCA Online for structured e-learning that can encourage continued reflection and application to practice.

Please select the seminar(s) you wish to attend and provide invoicing details so that we can charge you when we confirm the event is taking place (if we have insufficient numbers we may need to cancel the event at any point up to 3 weeks beforehand). You will be charged £100 for a single seminar or £150 if you attend both seminars on a given date/venue.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be provided, but if you are attending both the morning and afternoon seminars you will need to provide your own lunch.


NOTE: By registering for the seminar you are providing your personal data for KCA and its staff to use solely in providing you a training service. We will not share your information with third parties except as needed in making this provision or send unsolicited marketing communications.

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